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Baby Namings and Brit Milah – ברית מילה

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Who circumcises his son is as though he offered all the sacrifices to God. ~ Zohar

Before a child is born, a light is held behind its head with which it can see from one end of the world to the other, and they teach it the whole of the Torah.  But at the moment of birth an angel touches it on the lips, and it forgets all.  So all of life is spent remembering what we once knew.  ~Based on Talmud, Niddah

The celebration of brit milah (circumcision) and baby namings (for girls) are special occasions that are significant in the life of the child and then entire family.  Rabbi Schanerman will provide a beautiful ceremony for these ritual events in the life of a Jewish family.

There is no fee (though a donation to NefeshSoul is requested) for a baby naming that is celebrated during a NefeshSoul Shabbat Service.

Honorarium payable to Rabbi Susan Schanerman:
Parents are Members: $250.00
Parents are Nonmembers: $300.00


When Israel stood at Sinai to receive the Torah, the Holy One said, “I am prepared to give you My Torah, My prized possession.  In return, you must give Me a guarantor.”

Israel said, “Our ancestors are our guarantor.”

The Holy One said, “Your ancestors are not suitable as a guarantor.  Give me a better guarantor.”

Israel said, “The prophets are our guarantor.”

The Holy One said, “The prophets too are not suitable as a guarantor.  Give Me still a better guarantor.”

Israel said, “Dear God, our children are our guarantors.”

And the Holy One said, “Your children are a good guarantor.  It is for their sake that I give the Torah to you.”

~ From Shir Hashirim Rabbah (midrash on Song of Songs)