Renewal of Wedding Vows – רעים אהובים

~ God made the soul as a sphere cut in two, half in one body, half in another. When the halves come together, the primordial, original love is aroused; that love which existed before time and space. ~

You have decided to celebrate a specific number of years that you have been married.  Or, you had a civil ceremony the first time, and would like to have a religious ceremony now. Whatever your reason, a ceremony that honors your marriage is a lovely way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to one another.

There are beautiful prayers and blessings that often accompany a wedding renewal of vows ceremony or you may decide to speak words from your hearts. There are no rules this time around.  It is all about the two of you.

Contact Rabbi Susan to discuss how your Jewish wedding renewal of vows ceremony can be uniquely beautiful and meaningful.

Rabbi Susan’s honorarium (for CNS members) is $400.00 ($450.00 for nonmembers) paid in full at least three days before the event.