NefeshKids ~ יְלָדִים

“The world endures only for the sake of the breath of school children.” ~Talmud

Before a child is born, a light is held behind its head with which it can see from one end of the world to the other, and they teach it the whole of the Torah. But at the moment of birth an angel touches it on the lips, and it forgets all. So all of life is spent remembering what we once knew. ~ Based on Talmud, Niddah

Students who have attended Jewish religious school and who wish to continue on for bar/bat mitzvah studies (along with Hebrew instruction) begin in 6th grade.

Contact Rabbi Susan for more information.

Congregation NefeshSoul welcomes children in our synagogue, for we recognize that they are the future of Judaism, of Jewish life in America, and of Jewish thought and deed in the 21st century.  Children are welcome at Shabbat and other services, and at most NefeshSoul programs and events.  Just look at the eyes of our congregants when children come up to the bimah to sing or to participate.  Such joy!

Take a look at these webpages on our site for more information about how to include your children:

Brit Milah and Baby Naming

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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